Infosys Prize Lecture Series

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Dr. Amit Sharma
Evolution since Darwin - Dr. Amit Sharma

How does Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection tie in with the science of Eugenics? Dr. Amit Sharma talks about Darwin and Galton, demystifying common misinterpretations of the evolutionary theory through the years, at the Infosys Prize lecture delivered on October 20th, 2016 at the Infosys Bangalore campus.

Prof. Rajaram Nityananda A matter of gravity - Prof. Rajaram Nityananda

Renowned Physicist and Astronomer, Prof. Rajaram Nityananda, talks about the dynamics of planetary systems, clusters of stars and the power of technology, modern computers and telescopes that make it so real for us.

Prof. Cedric Villani Modern romance of Mathematics and society - Prof. Cedric Villani

Fields Medalist and Infosys Prize Juror, Prof. Cedric Villani talks about Mathematics 'the language of Gods' and how the subject is intertwined with all aspects of our lives.

Prof. Mahan Mj Hyperbolic Geometry and Chaos in Complex Plane – Prof. Mahan Mj

Infosys Prize 2015 laureate Prof. Mahan Mj delivers an Infosys Prize lecture on hyperbolic geometry and chaos in the complex plane at TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Hyderabad.

Prof. Mahan Mj Shapes and geometry of surfaces - Prof. Mahan Mj

Almost all the objects that we see around us are examples of surfaces. Infosys Prize 2015 laureate Prof. Mahan Mj talks at Lamakaan, Hyderabad, about the geometry of surfaces and a method of classifying these shapes.

Prof. Noah Feldman What is a constitution good for? Modernity, religion, and Constitution – Prof. Noah Feldman

Can modern constitutions be necessarily secular? Prof. Noah Feldman, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School provides insightful answers to these questions, and delves deeper into different types of legitimate systems, through his talk at the Infosys Campus, Bangalore.

Prof. Silvio Micali Proof, Secrets, and Computation – Prof. Silvio Micali

Prof. Silvio Micali, Ford Professor of Engineering at MIT and Turing Laureate, delivered a public lecture on how the Theory of Computation has revolutionized our millenary notion of a proof, revealing its unexpected applications to our new digital world, at the Infosys Campus, Bangalore.

Prof. A. R. Vasavi Government Brahmin : Caste, the Educated Unemployed, and the Reproduction of Inequalities - Prof. A. R. Vasavi

Prof. A. R. Vasavi, Senior Fellow, NMML, and winner of Infosys Prize 2013 for Social Sciences, delivered a lecture highlighting how government institutions are set up to facilitate ‘equality of opportunity’, fail to address the embedded nature of disadvantage.

Dr. Inder Verma Cancer Stem Cells: Plasticity and Hierarchy – Dr. Inder Verma

Dr. Inder Verma, Professor at the Salk Institute and Infosys Prize Life Sciences Jury Chair, recently delivered a lecture at the National Center for Biological Sciences, where he discussed Glioblastomas multiforme (GBM), a deadly cancer, and some of the therapeutic ways to treat it.