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Different approach: An experiential program from Infosys Science Foundation to motivate students

S D Shibulal What started off as an initiative to bring back the romance in science education is turning into a movement to enthuse an entire generation towards pure science and research. With nominations closing for the prestigious Infosys Prize 2016, president, board of trustees, SD Shibulal tells Seetha Lakshmi from The Times of India that for the first time this year, the foundation will commence an experiential science program to stimulate the desire for excellence in science, amongst school students.

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Why India needs to focus on research

S D Shibulal Research and development forms an important pillar of competitiveness of any country, as it assumes criticality for innovation, and India is no exception. S D Shibulal, President, Board of Trustees, Infosys Science Foundation, talks to Blessy Mathew Prasad from The New Indian Express about the quality of research in Indian institutions and the role of corporate organisations in improving it.

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Mobile labs to make Science fun for Government school kids

Mobile labs to make Science fun for Government school kids Soon, students in government schools will get an opportunity to have a hands-on experience in learning Science the right way. The Mobile Science Labs launched by the Infosys Science Foundation (ISF) jointly with Agastya International Foundation (AIF), Bengaluru-based NGO, aims to ensure access to children between class 5 and 10 in remote areas to Science education, reports The Times of India.

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The Infosys Prizes Will Go Long Way Towards Nurturing the Innovation Ecosystem in our Country, says President

Pranab Mukherjee The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee presented the Infosys Prizes for the year 2015 today (February 13, 2016) in New Delhi. Speaking to Business Standard on the occasion, the President congratulated the winners of the Infosys Prizes and said their research is laying the groundwork for an evolved, enabling, and sustainable world. He stated that awards like the Infosys Prize are an important step towards recognizing path-breaking research being pursued by scientists and academicians across the world. By rewarding excellence in cutting-edge research, the Infosys Science Foundation is spearheading the quest for breakthrough innovation amongst young scientists.

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Science is all about unraveling nature, says Narayana Murthy

Science is all about unraveling nature, says Narayana Murthy Science is very important to make life better for people and there is no doubt about it, asserts NR Narayana Murthy, Trustee, Infosys Science Foundation, while speaking with Anuradha SengGupta from News18.

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Meet The Infosys Prize 2015 Winner in Physical Science Category – Prof. G. Ravindra Kumar

Prof. G. Ravindra Kumar, Infosys Prize 2015 winner in the Physical Science category talks to News18 about reviving scientific research in India and what keeps him excited to pursue excellence every day.

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A computer-engineer-cum-physicist who won the Infosys Prize

In a special series by News18 on the Infosys Prize winners, a showcase of the Prof. Umesh Waghmare’s journey as a computer-engineer-cum-physicist who brought palpable excitement to the area of discovering new materials.

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Key leap in anti-malaria war, Delhi based scientist develops parasite inhibitor

Delhi based scientist Dr Amit Sharma is the latest recipient of the Infosys Life Sciences award for his work on deciphering how inhibitors work on preventing the growth of the malarial parasite. This could be a crucial step in developing a drug to combat the parasite in the long run, reports News18.

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Meet Dr Srinath Raghavan, winner of Infosys Prize in Social Sciences 2015

In an exclusive tete-a-tete with News18, Dr. Srinath Raghavan talks about his experience as being one of India's leading military historians and how he is using his experience to create a better perspective on strategic affairs. He is also the winner of the 2015 Infosys Prize for social sciences.

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Programme to train government school science teachers

Stressing the importance of introducing newer pedagogies in government schools, Infosys Science Foundation (ISF), in association with Agastya International Foundation (AIF), has set a target of training as many as 6,000 science teachers from government schools across the State in about three years, reports Deccan Herald.

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Mahan Maharaj, Monk And Winner Of Infosys Prize, Holds 'Science Is For All'

Mathematicians are the godliest of scientists, mostly because other than the indisputable fact that they're extremely smart and tenaciously creative, it's usually hard--unless you're sufficiently initiated-- to understand their work. Mahan Maharaj, the 47-year-old mathematician, who's won this year's Infosys Prize for mathematical sciences, talks to Jacob Koshy from The Huffington Post about his love for mathematics.

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In Conversation with Prof. Mahan Mj

The Infosys Prize 2015 in Mathematical Sciences has been awarded to Mahan Mj, for his outstanding contributions to geometric group theory, low-dimensional topology and complex geometry. In conversation with Current Science, Mahan Mj speaks about his research interests, his love for mathematics and his take on science and religion.

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In conversation with Dr. Amit Sharma

In an interface with Current Science, Dr. Amit Sharma, Infosys Prize 2015 winner in the Life Sciences category talks about his research interests, traversing the implications of malarial invasion in the body, malarial proteins and their characteristics, his take on Youyou Tu’s achievements, malarial eradication and his vision for the near future.

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At a larger level... asking questions is not encouraged

Mahan Mj Mahan Mj, who has just been awarded the Rs 65 lakh Infosys Prize for mathematics, believes that Indians have been teaching the subject in a 'prehistoric' way. And that is because they love being lazy, the monk tells T.V. Jayan, in an exclusive interview with The Telegraph

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Academic institutes should be hotbed for entrepreneurship: Kris

S Gopalakrishnan With only few start-ups emerging from academic research in the country, premier academic institutions need to be geared up with better resources to make them a "hotbed for ideas and entrepreneurship", Infosys co-founder and Trustee, Infosys Science Foundation, S Gopalakrishnan told The Hindu Business Line

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Govt to begin consultation on science and tech policy: President Pranab Mukherjee

Pranab Mukherjee To promote growth of scientific research and attain self-reliance, the government plans to soon initiate a nation-wide consultation process to develop the first publicly accessible science and technology policy, President Pranab Mukherjee told PTI at the Infosys Prize 2015 ceremony in Delhi. Speaking at the event, Mukherjee said the government has undertaken various measures for promoting scientific research such as increase in budget allocations for scientific departments, setting up of new institutions for science education and research and creation of centres of excellence from research among others.

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Expect Nobel Prize For Discovery Of Gravitation Waves: Prof. Kulkarni

The discovery of gravitational waves is being heralded as the find of the century. The work was spearheaded by the California Institute of Technology or Caltech in the US. Astrophysicist, and Jury Chair, Infosys Prize 2015 – Physical Sciences, Prof. Shrinivas R. Kulkarni told NDTV's Science Editor Pallava Bagla that the Indian contribution to the discovery deserves a Nobel Prize.

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