Infosys Prize

Infosys Prize 2012The Infosys Prize endeavors to elevate the prestige of science and research in India and inspire young Indians to choose a vocation in research.

The award is given annually to honor outstanding achievements of contemporary researchers and scientists across six categories : Engineering and Computer Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences, each carrying a prize of a gold medal, a citation and a purse of Rupees 65 Lakh. The award intends to celebrate success in research and stand as a marker of excellence in these fields. A jury, comprising eminent leaders in each of these fields, evaluates the achievements of the nominees against the standards of international research, placing the winners on par with the finest researchers in the world.

The Infosys Prize in Mathematics was first given in 2008. Following the establishment of the Infosys Science Foundation, the Infosys Prize was given in 4 other categories. The ISF announced a sixth category – the Infosys Prize in Humanities – in January 2012.


The award will be presented annually in six categories:

  • Engineering and Computer Science - All branches of Engineering
  • Humanities - Archaeology, History, Legal Studies, Linguistics, Literary Studies and Philosophy
  • Life Sciences - Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine and Agriculture
  • Mathematical Sciences - Mathematics and Statistics
  • Physical Sciences - Physics, Chemistry and Earth Science
  • Social Sciences* - Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology

*Economics will not be considered under Social Sciences category for 2017.

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