The Infosys Science Foundation has partnered with the Physics Training and Talent Search (PTTS) to run an immersion program for college students from across the country who are pursuing Physics at the bachelors and masters level.

PTTS 2020

Dates &

Manipal Institute of Technology, Mangalore from May 25 - June 15, 2020

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The program will have two levels:

Level-1 (50 students) - for BSc (or Integrated MSc course) II year students

Level-2 (35 students) - for MSc-I-year (Integrated MSc-IV year) students

For each level, there will be three courses, including an experimental course, with lectures in the morning and tutorials and experiments in the afternoon. There will be evening lectures by eminent scientists on recent developments.


Selection will be based on the applicant’s answers to the questions in the online application and on a letter of recommendation by the applicant’s teacher/instructor. Academic performance in school/college and in any standard examination such as NGPE, NTSE, KVPY may also be considered. Efforts will be made to give equitable regional, gender and rural representation.

Previous programs

In December 2016, the ISF first ran a pilot summer camp with PTTS for 50 BSc III year students at the Regional Institute of Education, Mysore. In 2018, the program was held at the National institute of Technology, Surathkal from May 21 to June-10, wherein there were two levels of student participants and 50 students were invited for each level. Undergraduate level (BSc-II-year) students formed the level I batch and level-II was comprised of MSc-I-year students.

Preparing a pendulum to study oscillations of iron bob in a magnetic roller coaster

Students preparing single slit to study the cross over from Fresnel to Fraunhoffer diffraction

Students winding copper coils to measure the permeability of the medium

Student participants fabricated a hollow prism to measure the concentration dependence of refractive index of a solution

Interaction with leading scientists

Participating students get an opportunity to interact with leading Physicists from across the globe. Every year, top scientists deliver an exclusive talk and interact with students. Experts from the Infosys prize laureates and jury community like Prof. Srinivas Kulkarni (Caltech), Prof. Rajaram Nityananda (Azim Premji University), Prof. Ashoke Sen (HRI, Allahabad), Prof G. Ravindrakumar (TIFR) have delivered talks at previous immersion programs and engaged with students.