Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and, therefore, also half of its potential. Recognizing the critical role that women and girls play in science, the United Nations declared February 11 as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. We reached out to leading female scientists from across the world, and they have shared their advice for young girls considering a career in STEM, as well as their insights about the incredible journey that is scientific research.

Women are more suited to the STEM work environment than men – Gagandeep Kang

Women must not limit their aspirations - Shubha Tole


Debaleena Nandi
"The pursuit of science develops in us a mind that is grounded in reason and knowledge. It instills in us a wonder and appreciation of the universe and this pursuit is our birthright. Women should take a deep interest in basic sciences and engineering through their school years into university as it will open opportunities to work in national laboratories, teach at universities, work for technology companies, and build international collaborations. I am hugely optimistic about women flourishing in science and engineering and achieving economic independence, raising healthier families, and thus, building a stronger nation and better world."
Nina Vaidya
"Individuality, talent, and hard work, irrespective of gender or race, will always conquer conscious and unconscious biases in our societies. Diverse teams create the best solutions and the low participation rate of women in the sciences is holding back progress. We need expert scientists and engineers from around the world to find solutions in critical areas, such as, renewable energy, climate crisis, pandemics, space exploration; so that humans can continue to thrive sustainably while expanding our understanding of the natural sciences. This journey is not only meaningful but also an enjoyable one and I especially invite young women to join me!"